How to make a travel video while visiting Turkey

How to make a travel video while visiting Turkey

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Take a cue from this vid and look sharp while hot air ballooning.

IF YOU HAD ANY DOUBTS, you know this is a travel vid when you see the French-tipped fingernail trace the pages of a Lonely Planet. With that simple gesture we are assured that we are indeed going to witness 4 minutes of bonafide travel goodness.

Cut to interior of car — we are zipping along the finger-traced route to destinations filled with sunny uncertainty and the promise of clifftop insights. Sprinkle in a little timelapse and you have arrived to the idyllic beach, your lover and you.

Aside from the pregnant belly groping (which I must say made me feel a little funny, because the man-hands first traveled across the rise of her breasts to reach the baby bump and the word that came to mind was ‘hot’), this video follows the classic travel video formula.

The camera is set by the side of the road to capture the couple zooming past on thier rented scooter. Close up on the local banging his little hammer on some handy craft. I feel like this is a video I might have shot, and then I realize we are all reaching into the same bag of travel vid tricks.

That isn’t to say that I am not jealous of the hot air ballooning, I am. But as I watch this video for the 3rd time I see clearly the genre it fits into — ‘This is what me and my girlfriend saw and this is how attractive we were when see saw it’.

What I enjoy about this video are the instances where I see people acting as they might without a camera trained on them — the street vendors vending, the laughing girls on the bus, the guy standing in the smoke of his cooking fish — little glimpses of the real.

I like seeing that taxis are called TAKSi.

Then, true to form, the video concludes with the attractive couple clasped hand in hand. It is almost enough to make me a little fuzzy, if not warm.

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