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Trekking ice in Los Glaciares National Park Information

Trekking ice in Los Glaciares National Park

Exploring an endangered resource in Argentine Patagonia.1Perito Moreno GlacierPerito Moreno Glacier, viewed from nearby Bahia de las Sombras. Perito Moreno forms part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the world& 39;s third-largest reserve of fresh water. It is one of only three stable glaciers in Patagonia.

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The worst penalty kick ever [VID] Miscellaneous

The worst penalty kick ever [VID]

During Tuesday’s Egypt Cup match between Ahly and Kima Aswan, Ahly striker Amir Sayoud struck a penalty kick of dreams. Bad, bad dreams.I REMEMBER WHEN I was around 13 years old and I scored an own goal from the halfway line. No shit. Our keeper had kicked the ball down field, and it came to me, hovering around the centre circle.

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Where locals hit the water in southern Spain Information

Where locals hit the water in southern Spain

MatadorU student Janesa Suzanne asks around to find these 6 beach spots and swimming holes.Playa de La Antilla, LepeRoughly 30km from Portugal, in Huelva on Andalusia’s Atlantic coast, is the small kite-surfing and fishing town of La Antilla.I arrived there flying from Madrid, rolling joints in the backseat of a compact eco go-kart zipper, stuffed fender to exhaust with camping gear and musical instruments.

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Out on Jerusalem’s night of nights Miscellaneous

Out on Jerusalem’s night of nights

Robert Hirschfield reports from Shavuoth.AT 3AM MIRIAM AND I AWAKE, go outside, and watch Jerusalem become Jerusalem. It is the night of Shavuoth, the holiday that marks the episode in the desert, when the Jews — who had screwed up so many times that God himself lost count — received the Torah from God.

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Acknowledging our travel heroes Interesting

Acknowledging our travel heroes

Erica Miller gives thanks to the people who’ve vitalized her travel stories over the years.WE ALL HAVE THEM. People on our journeys that have shaped our experience. That have saved our ass. Characters without whom our stories would be much less colorful and probably much shorter.Though some become lifelong friends, most we simply keep in our memories.

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Backpacker’s secret guide to Cabo Polonio Miscellaneous

Backpacker’s secret guide to Cabo Polonio

Feature photo by libertinus Photo above by libertinusCabo Polonio is half mad and beautifully unusual.IF THE BRIGHT LIGHTS and crowds of Punta del Este put you off, escape it all completely for a few days of mellow madness in Uruguay´s strangest treasure.Cabo Polonio is a secret that is slowly leaking out, because once you know about it you can´t keep your mouth shut.

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